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Friday, April 8, 2011

Worker Bee

I have been so busy lately and neglecting my blog :(  I started uploading images to an online portfolio site.  I was working for the last 2 weeks on a hand embroidered art piece for a Fine Art Show.  It is a Day of the Dead Skull and it came out beautifully. Unfortunately I do not have any pics...but I will get some great ones next Friday at the Gallery opening because my piece was accepted into the show!!!!!

This weekend will be filled with more work as I have to make 5 ornaments for a photo shoot and they will be featured on a Christmas card at work.  So I won't be able to show any pics of those until the card is in stores! It is CONFIDENTIAL :)

The weather report looks nice for the weekend...Enjoy the fresh air and open up those windows! Let's say Goodbye to Winter!!!

I am loving life :)

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